A Yummy Healthy Foods Review!

I am a health food junkie. When my mom and I decide to go to the natural foods store (Tau in Laval), we spend hours and too much money prancing down the aisles. We want to try absolutely everything and we have a food fest when we get home. This here post is some of what I brought home last week on my treasure hunt, reviewed here for you. As we say in french "mes coups de coeur".

Kashi TLC 7 Whole Grains Crackers and Covered Bridge Lime Tortilla Chips

Both are "wow", yet for very different reasons. The Kashi crackers are grainy, crispy and slightly nutty-sweet. Paired with a blue cheese, the tongue is left with a buttery aftertaste. Delicious with cheese and soup or just as a snack on their own. At 2.99$ on special they were well worth it! I would buy these again, however, I would get them at Metro since I saw them there for 3.49$ regular priced and I go there every week anyway.

THE chips. Intense. Zingy. Never ever tasted something which such lime kick in the mouth. Makes me think of the bite of salt and vinegar but only from lime juice. They are perfectly sized (I hate multiple bite chips!), perfectly salted and perfectly crispy without being crumbly. Price was 3.49$ and again well worth it.

SunLand Dark Chocolate Creamy Peanut Butter

Finally! I had been wondering if this type of thing existed in Canada, having only ever read about it on Kath's blog! I was able to spoon some of this creamy concoction over my oatmeal and I must say that I was not disappointed! The chocolate tames the peanuty taste to an undertone without being overwhelming and there is just a hint of sweetness. I was afraid it would taste fake and Nutella like but I was pleasantly surprised. Guess you can't go wrong when its made from REAL organic ingredients! Nom Nom! This pot cost 5.49$ - not overpriced for organic nut butter but I wouldn't start making cookies with it!

Maple Bacon Flavored Tempeh

This sounded delightful sandwiched between lettuce and tomato. It was but not as much served plain with eggs the next morning. I love tempeh as compared to tofu (not that I don't enjoy tofu) texture wise. It's more chewy and dense... two things that real bacon isn't! The taste was definately there but on it's own it was all wrong! I much prefer the Porat bacon flavored veggie burgers (made here in Québec!) also from tempeh I believe. They are definitely a must on your grocery list!

Olympic Krema Greek Style Yogurt - Vanilla Infused

This all natural, organic, super creamy yogurt is delicious on just about everything. Watch out for the fat though; no additives means no gelatin, thus the decadent consistency is all due to its 10% fat content. I used it mostly to top fruit, french toast and crumbles - it resembles a cross between sour cream, yogurt and whipped cream - heavenly! At 5.00$ a pop, it is better used sparingly...oh but so worth it!

That's about it for now... I leave you with one of the best breakfast I have had in a long time:
Cinnamon Bun, halved, dipped in egg and pan fried, topped with maple syrup caramelized apples and a scoop of here greek yogurt... NOM! Bon Appetit!


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