Winter blues

These last few weeks have been harsh. It is cold out, my daughter is fussy and we are all very tired. I lack the motivation to cook these days, especially since I have started a Weight Watchers program. No more cupcakes ! I have even had to cut down on KERF style oats, or at least how much topping I put on it! Having seen my Rhumatologist in January, I decided to ask him about changing my diet towards making my symptoms better. He said I could give cutting out milk products a go, but since I am breastfeeding, I should see a dietitian. I took an appointment -got one in late march - which I am looking forward to. I love my yogurt and cheese, but lately the fatigue, the pain and grumpiness has just been awful.

Food-wise, we are going to slowly introduce solids to Arielle who is now 4 months old. She tries to steal food away from me, gawks at us eating, and when given a spoon of something, grabs it and swallows at least half of it! I bought a book - Planing meals for babies and toddlers by Annabel Karmel - and am planning on making all baby foods myself. We also chose to use the organic fruits and veggies we get every week, and buying organic cereals. It is daunting, feels like she is growing way too fast!

Valentine's day is coming next week, plan on making something sweet - weight watchers or not! Chocolate or flowers guys?


Anonymous said...

I have Annabel Karmel's top one hundred baby puree book if you want it.


Valérie said...

Awh, Arielle grows so fast...

Making purées is definitely going to be time consuming but very worth it in the end. If you need help, I'm just a phone call away :)

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