The little things...

I have been following a new blog lately (well it's new to me!) called Savy Eats which, like most blogs I follow, focuses on yummy healthy eating. She also has this thing called "The little things" where she posts the small everyday things that make her happy and I figured that It was time that I do the same. It is time that I focus on the good things right now, because the bad seem to take over. My fibro is not getting much better, the baby is no longer sleeping as much, I am haunted by the idea that I may not have a job to go to after Mat leave... So anyway... the little things!

...Arielle smiling up at me every morning from her crib...she is 7 months old already, dear girl is
rolling around and trying to crawl!

...Burny flipping onto his back to get some loving...loyal puppy for 2yrs already!

...Eric comming home from work and uttering "Maow Maow"!

...My family and all the wonderful people around me complimenting me on my is nice to be appreciated for what I love doing!

...The sheer exhaustion I feel after working out...knowing that I have done my best to be in better health.

I think we all need to be grateful for what we have, even if it is not always easy...


Kitty said...

your blog is so inspiring!

Frédérique said...

Thank you!! :)

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